Logic Of The Day: 09.05.2019.

The Most Valuable Interpersonal Skill.
There are dozens and dozens of interpersonal skills—so how can you identify which ones are the most important? We’re here to help you weed out the ones you’ll want to show off.

Communication consistently ranks among the most important skills for a candidate to have — and that includes both verbal and written. Employers like seeing strong communication skills because it can help you work effectively with clients and coworkers to get results.

Problem-solving skills are another kind of interpersonal skills that employers really value. An employee who can present creative solutions to complex problems creates tremendous value for the employer and makes him or herself invaluable to a company, experts agree.

A positive attitude — and maintaining one in even difficult situations — is another invaluable interpersonal skill, because it can help in nearly every situation you encounter in the workplace, from collaborating with others to identifying creative solutions.
Simply put, having a positive attitude is absolutely crucial if you want to stand out from your peers.

~ Glassdoor (How to Develop Interpersonal Skills)

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