Logic Of The Day: 03.05.2019.

Searching For A Career.
Finding a purposeful career is no easy feat. In fact, people spend a great deal of time in analysis paralysis. And I get it. When you’ve opened the wrong door before, you kind of want to make sure you’ll be in tune with the next one that opens up.

This trial and error process is exhausting: it’s both psychologically demanding and financially burdening. Plus, if we’re being honest with ourselves here, society hasn’t yet fully embraced the concept of changing careers midway.

The naked truth? Keep exploring. Yes, this clearly isn’t the most comfortable, safest career path to take. But this is your life, wouldn’t you want to put your happiness first?

Maxwell Bogner has it figured out now, but it wasn’t clear from the start: I was actually planning on going into medical school before but life plans changed and my wife and I decided we wanted to start having kids. My first son was born and I needed to provide for my family. After being in sales I realized a common thread in all of my young career plans and that was I liked working with and helping people.

Meanwhile, others are still exploring: I’m still trying to figure it out. So far, it’s about setting goals that I know are achievable (even if they’re difficult) as path guides … and then getting silly and exploring along the way. Danika Stahl.

~ Christine Homolko (4 Different Ways To Look At A Career)

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