Logic Of The Day: 02.05.2019.

Falling into a Career.
Most people seem to fall into this category. We often make our first career decision based on intuition or fiction (thank you Hollywood). But often, you actually end up taking the first job offered to you. For some, this new road is challenging, yet pleasing and leads to many exciting places.

In short, you fell just right. Here’s Danika Stahl on falling into a career: I went to school for journalism and had a job editing the paper. Afterwards, I found myself in the startup world as a social media and content writer. It’s not what I originally envisioned, but it’s fun and it’s different every day.

For others, the road is bumpy, there are potholes everywhere, and the road signs are illegible. You try to make it work, learn to read the signs and better navigate the potholes, and maybe you come to enjoy the ride. Or you don’t.

Seriously, if you can’t see yourself continuing down a career road, you need to begin pivoting careers asap.

~ Christine Homolko (4 Different Ways To Look At A Career)

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