Logic Of The Day: 01.05.2019.

Job. Career. Calling. Whatever You Decide To Call It, Only You Can Define It.
Why does it feel like there are people who diligently follow a calling, while some fall into a career and others struggle with defining a career at all? I’ve lived in four countries so far, each with its own ingrained definition of a career. In the past, everyone pretty much agreed on career representing vertical continuity in your professional life: find a job, get better at it, and move up.

Nowadays, horizontal continuity is en vogue. That means people aren’t necessarily sticking to their expertise, but rather set on exploring and adding new skills to their careers.

When I was younger, I wanted a career in the traditional sense. I saw myself wearing a suit, sitting in an office, going to meetings, traveling to conferences, and regularly climbing ladder steps. And by the way, I wasn’t alone in this preconception: 4,000 miles away from where I grew up, Sarah Elkins dreamt about a similar career, one that embodied a corporate lifestyle.

While in college, that first visual was still playing in the back of my head, but this time I actually saw myself working in specific jobs. When I finally hopped toward the job market, eager to kick-start this career, it smacked me down. Hard. Like a bouncer who kept telling me: nope, you’re not getting in.

At last, I did find my first job. I learned a ton, paid my bills, and after a while, I thought to myself: is this where I want to be?

Now, in my thirties, I feel like I am miles away from my initial definition of a career.

~ Christine Homolko (4 Different Ways To Look At A Career)

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