Logic Of The Day: 30.04.2019.

Making A Career Out Of Doing Something You Love. (2)
Unleash your potential – It would require you to do a bit of searching, gaining some experience out there in the world and discovering what makes you talented and skillful. Discovering your own abilities would give you the confidence of doing something greater out there.

Practice on your talents and skills – If you are a talented singer, artist, speaker, writer, athlete, or a legal professional, you can simply practice on some key skills to achieve success when you pursue them as a career path. Practice is what separates you from amateurs. It seasons your abilities and allows you to be more skilled. Being competitive is a key reason why people succeed in doing what they do, and to have that one needs to give in hours and hours of monotonous practice.

Have a realistic plan out there – One should always work on a plan, figure out the pros and cons of pursuing a certain career path. It would work like a business plan. Putting your strengths and weaknesses out there and work on what you need to do in order to achieve what you are destined for.

Just do it – Eventually, it all comes down to silencing the voices in your head and going for it.

~ Isaac Rouhtas ( Making A Career Out Of Doing Something You Love)

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