Logic Of The Day: 29.04.2019.

Making a Career Out of Doing Something You Love.
Every single person on earth is bestowed with different talents which they can utilize and accelerate to make an enviable career path out of. However, not many of us get to do what we love and are stuck with our ordinary jobs and in careers that we certainly do not wish to be in.

Practical life entails a great number of challenges and stress. In order to succeed professionally, one has to have the mental toughness to navigate through the toughest times.
That mental ability is not a talent at all and it usually comes naturally. When you are engaged in pursuing something that you love, you can simply get through the darkest days and constructively process your challenges.

A firm example can be given of entrepreneur, author, inventor, and motivational speaker, Richard E. Shaw. As a life coach, Richard has written a number of renowned books including “Unlimited Possibilities: Passion to Profit”, “Without a Roadmap”, “Destiny by Design”, “Habits of the Highly Effective Entrepreneur”, “PASSIONAIRE”, “Trapped Behind an Open Door”, and “The Woman that I Love Killed the Woman I Used Love”.
Richard also invented “The Credit and Debit Receiving and Dispensing Device”, which allows people to use their credit/debit cards in vending machines.

Richard is a good example of someone who pursued their interests and made a phenomenal career out of it. He is currently sitting on a net worth of more than $3.5 million.

~ Isaac Rouhtas ( Making A Career Out Of Doing Something You Love)

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