Logic Of The Day: 26.04.2019.

You Have To Be Communicative.
No matter the performance challenge, somewhere in the midst communication skills come into play. It’s the same with being able to continually stand out.

It’s not just because by nature the loudest will always get heard first. There are many quiet and reserved people I know who stand out too.

But, communication becomes a problem if you don’t have conversations. When you hold back and bite your tongue in fear of what could happen if you say the wrong thing. That’s when you get lost in the crowd.

If you are able to be more communicative, to find a level of confidence to speak up and get your point across you open doors, relieve tension and will always ensure you are remembered. It doesn’t have to be in a wide-open forum or require you to be loud and bold.

Quiet and modest chat, even one to one, delivers impact in raising your profile.

It’s what you say, how you say it and the fact you are saying it that is important.

~ Victoria Walsh (5 Ways to continue to stand out in your career
When we hit mid-career)

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