Logic Of The Day: 25.04.2019.

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin.
You are you and I am me, both successful and interesting. Yet, if we met today we’d potentially spend a split second (or longer) comparing ourselves. We may even feel a little rubbish because we spot a ‘lacking’ in some area.

It’s human nature for us to look at others because we seek validation and direction in some form. It can help keep us focused and driven. However, if we constantly fall into the trap of comparison, our self-worth and confidence will take a tumble which sends us retreating to the background.

Those who can be more comfortable in their own skin don’t fall so easily for the mind monkey negative chatter comparing and judging themselves with the people around them.
They look at others and feel inspired. They accept their shortfalls as development opportunities and know how to tap into what they have and not what they have not. This boosts confidence and belief to keep themselves in the spotlight.

So, when you hear the mind monkey or feel the negative emotions of comparison check in with yourself. Remind yourself of all your strengths and reinforce the positives.

~ Victoria Walsh (5 Ways to continue to stand out in your career
When we hit mid-career)

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