Logic Of The Day: 24.04.2019.

Never Stop Learning.
Over the course of your working life, you will naturally learn and add to your knowledge bank. But, as we get older the amount of learning can definitely reduce.

Time is often blamed for our inability to feed ourselves with new knowledge, trends and changes. Changing priorities, fast-paced jobs and all the different ways we have available to fill our free time, mean life can really get in the way of learning.

Some are lucky enough to be fed opportunities to keep learning by their employers, but many are not.

Learning is a key part of being able to stand out. When you learn you feed yourself with the ability to keep contributing in so many ways.

Being current keeps you interesting, helps generate ideas and enables you to engage with new people and new situations when many may find themselves lost for words.

New skills open new doors and increases your value. Knowledge is power, so start to build purpose led learning in some form into your daily routine.

~ Victoria Walsh (5 Ways to continue to stand out in your career
When we hit mid-career)

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