Logic Of The Day: 23.04.2019.

Keep Your Eye On Your Personal Brand.
If you want people to see you and then remember you, you need to continually work at your personal brand. No successful brand stops tending to its architecture and positioning just because it’s been around for a while.

This thinking is just as important for brand ‘You’ if you want others to keep buying you for jobs, service and opinion.

Self-reflection is a good strategy to tune into regularly to keep an eye on your brand. You are more likely to stand out if you are living and working aligned with your deep purpose, values and true essence.

Recognise when adjustments are needed in the presentation and communication of your USP at different points in your career. Be consistent in how you show up each day aligned to your brand and explore new channels to get yourself seen and heard.

It may mean pushing yourself out of your comfort zone perhaps doing more networking, writing or tweeting. Then again, it may simply mean presenting yourself in a consistent confident authentic manner as you go about your daily work.

Start with taking steps to understand ‘brand you’. Then start taking steps to ensure you are showcasing your unique authentic self everyday.

~ Victoria Walsh (5 Ways to continue to stand out in your career
When we hit mid-career)

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