Logic Of The Day: 11.04.2019.

You Should Be Thinking Strategically.
Early in our career, our overarching goal isn’t always as clear-cut as we would like it to be. We might have a general idea of the type of work we enjoy doing, but ambiguity often exists around the ultimate game plan.

During this phase of “testing the waters,” don’t let yourself feel guilty about following the money.

“It’s a smart strategic decision for the point in your career when you need financial stability and growth,” says Dr. Goeglein.

A certain position might not be your dream job, but it can offer steady support and an enhanced skillset. This will ultimately help you discover what that “dream job” looks like, and the right direction to get there.

Plus, it’s important to remember that you can always switch gears. If a job doesn’t provide the experience that you envisioned, you have the freedom to move on.

“You will always be free to make other choices if the situation really has no additional redeeming features,” says Dr. Goeglein.

~Sara Uzer (Ditching the Paycheck vs Passion Dilemma: Smarter Strategies for Career Moves)

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