Logic Of The Day: 08.04.2019.

Get Back in ‘The Work Zone’
“You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life.” — Les Brown.
What drives passion and fulfillment is not one single thing, but a combination of various aspects. The sweet spot lies at the intersection of your Purpose, Career, and Job. When the three are aligned, you are in the ‘Work Zone.’

Your purpose is you ‘why.’ It drives your choices in life: what you say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to. Your purpose is the North Star: it helps you focus on the big picture and on the impact you want to create. Pursuing your purpose is a lifetime job.

Your career is the pursuit of a lifelong professional ambition — it’s driven by long-term goals and built on a collection of experiences, work-related decisions, skills, knowledge, and expertise.
Your job is where you are currently working at — the company, position, role, relationships, responsibilities, salary, and what you can/ can’t do.

Happiness lies at the intersection of your job and purpose. When your job is aligned with your lifelong ‘why,’ it’s easier to feel excited about it.

Motivation lies at the intersection of your job and your career. When you are working on something that you like and that connect to your career choices, you feel energized. You feel stimulated when your job leverages your career’s experience and helps you strengthen your career too.

Fulfillment is more profound than happiness. You are achieving something more significant, not just feeling happy about what you do. You feel fulfilled when your career adds meaning to your life and is connected to your life purpose.

~ Gustavo Razzetti (How to Fall in Love with Your Career Again)

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