Logic Of The Day: 04.04.2019.

You Actually Have To Know How To Do The Job.
When I launched "Repurpose Your Purpose" I hosted a number of free meetups and met many interesting people looking to change careers. One time it didn’t go so well, though: one person showed up and quickly became very angry at me.

I shared my story of how I changed careers, leveraging all that I had learned to move from photography to marketing. As a photographer I had to learn marketing and business skills and then decided to pursue marketing as a career, successfully making my transition. This person felt cheated: she expected to learn how to change careers and get a new job without knowing how to do the job.

No one is going to give you a job unless you know how to execute it. Just look at job posts for interns, they often list what sound like requirements for experienced professionals!

So what can you do if you decide you want to do something else and you don’t have the skills needed to land a new job, or never used such skills professionally? You have to close the gap. Figure out exactly what you need to learn, then learn it in the fastest and most economical way you can. You can enroll in online courses, graduate certificates, extension programs, or full-fledged degree programs. If real-world experience is what you need, then intern, volunteer, or get the lowest entry level position you qualify for.

As I wrote above, you can advance fast once you are in, especially if you have a lot of other transferable skills. Your other option is to pursue a more entrepreneurial path: as a business owner or freelancer, you can quickly grow as long as you deliver results to your clients.

~ Aurora Meneghello ( 6 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Changing Careers; But Need to Anyway)

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