Logic Of The Day: 28.03.2019.

Career Advice To Help You Grow.
Here are some advice that the application will help you grow in your career;
1. Relish opportunities to learn. We spend a lot of time on auto-drive.

2. If your organization doesn’t offer learning opportunities, do it anyway (on their time).

3. If you find a place where things “generally fix themselves” rejoice!

4. Try teaching/mentoring. Even thirty minutes a week can go a long, long way.

5. Be judicious with your loyalty. Is it being reciprocated?

6. It’s not all about you. I mean it can be, but you are limiting yourself.

7. Beware of subtle manipulation and the promotion-that-never-comes. Remember…canaries in coal mines have to die for the “learning”

8. Don’t confuse your personal needs with what your company “needs”. Don’t graft your needs/expectations on everyone you work with (slackers!)

9. Read fiction and poetry! Have a hobby

10. Pretend you never read this and “make the best mistakes”

~ John Cutler (Some Totally Cliché Career Advice)

© Logic Consult
"The Career Growth Team"


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