Logic Of The Day: 27.03.2019.

Career Advice To Help You Grow.
Here are some advice that the application will help you grow in your career;
1. Find people you can genuinely learn from.

2. Find people who challenge you in genuine, non-manipulative ways.

3. Your personal career will last longer than most of the companies you work for.

4. Savor the times when things truly flow. They are hard fought and fleeting.

5. A company can be “successful” and toxic to some high % of its employees.

6. A great place to work (for some) can be a terrible place to work (for others).

7. Organizations grow, change, decay, and die. Don’t atrophy/die with them.

8. Some problems are absolutely fixable, but not worth fixing.

9. All companies have problems. Not all companies have chronic health issues.

10. You can, with determination, lead a bottom-up revolution. At what cost?

11. It’s possible to go a decade doing “good work”, but not grow/learn.

12. It’s entirely possible to “grow out of” your current role. Time to move on?

13. Be a student of your craft, and how your craft can help people.

14. Savor the real-world impact of your work. Double-down when you sense it.

~ John Cutler (Some Totally Cliché Career Advice)

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"The Career Growth Team"


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