Logic Of The Day: 22.03.2019.

The “Traditional” Career Path.
If you want to follow a traditional career path in the old world of hierarchies, processes, and procedures, there are still plenty of opportunities and possibilities.

Many jobs aren’t immediately affected by technological change. Traditional professional businesses are booming. After all, the introduction and implementation of new technologies are helping to streamline existing ways of operating and working.

So, if you are happy with your current “traditional” career choice, there is no immediate necessity to change.

But, nor should you be too complacent. Technology is growing exponentially. It’s only to be expected that further technological innovations will transform many currently available jobs.

So, even if you are content with a traditional career, you need to be prepared to pivot at any moment.

~ Erik P.M. Vermeulen (What’s Your Dream Career? “Work Culture” is Finally Changing)

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