Logic Of The Day: 21.03.2019.

What Is Your Dream Career.
We spend a lot of time thinking about our “careers” and we cannot always follow our dreams. That much is clear. As a result, many people end up feeling trapped in a world created by others. I sometimes have this feeling about my different jobs and notice a similar sentiment in discussions with my friends and colleagues.

Everyone is familiar with the experience. We are unable to say and do the things that we want out of fear of the consequences. We change our behavior to “fit in.” We can’t express who we are, resulting in disappointment, frustration, and anger. Big and established companies are seen as one of the worst offenders. Deeply entrenched corporate cultures are characterized by hierarchies and procedures that force us to conform.

This standardized, monotonous corporate world is in sharp contrast with the emerging digital world of artificial intelligence, decentralization, and “peer-to-peer” opportunities. This becomes clear when I discuss new technologies. You can immediately feel the excitement in the room. Innovative technologies are associated with a new culture of creativity and personal expression.

Of course, I also come across skepticism: “The world cannot be changed so easily.” “Best not to rock the boat.” “To make a career, it is still better to follow the predetermined path.”

But, recently, I am more convinced that this skeptical view is wrong. Even big companies are now recognizing that they must change their workplace culture. They want and need to be internally disrupted, and they are looking for people to help them in what is, inevitably, a difficult and challenging task.

And that means recruiting “disruptors.”

The result? New digital technologies are transforming the “menu” of available career options.

~ Erik P.M. Vermeulen (What’s Your Dream Career? “Work Culture” is Finally Changing)

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