Logic Of The Day: 11.03.2019.

How To Strive For Career Growth.
Striving for growth in our careers is a natural thing, but we always do it the wrong way. Typically, we will eye a next promotion. The next rung in the ladder. That next level. That next raise.

What an incredible disservice we do to ourselves.

Promotions and raises are an outcome of growth and our career accomplishments. By themselves, promotions and raises mean nothing at all.

So, is there a formula for career growth? Not sure, but this is the one I made up based on my own experiences and watching/talking to several others .

Here is how I define career growth — Career growth is a series of opportunities that we turn into accomplishments, accelerated/multiplied by our own personal development.

Career growth = personal development *(accomplishments/opportunities) Makes sense?

In order to grow our careers then, we have to continually find career opportunities that we can convert to wins. Consistently and continually focus on our own personal growth and learning, independent of our careers.

~ Maya Bisineer (Three things you can do to scale your career today and a formula for career growth)

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