Logic Of The Day: 05.03.2019.

Identify An Industry That Fits Your Strengths.
This is a tough one. On one side, I believe that we should pursue a career we are passionate about. But on the other side, I think we should NOT do something we’re bad at.

So what should you do if you love something but suck at it?
My opinion is to not pursue a career in that field. Treat it like a hobby instead. A lot of people love to make music, but they are not good enough to earn a living. But does that mean you should stop making music? Hell no! Go and jam with your friends — in your spare time.

The bottom line is this: Only pursue a career that fits your strengths. I know this is somewhat of a limited view. Some people even call it pessimistic. But I see it as realism.

We all have bills to pay and people to take care of. We can only do that by making a living. But that doesn’t mean we should do work we hate. There is always an industry that you love and that fits your strengths.

And you know what? Like Cal Newport argues in "So Good They Can’t Ignore You"; eventually, you will love the work you’re good at.

~ Darius Foroux ( Don't Pick A Career - Create One)

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