Logic Of The Day: 04.03.2019.

What Career Do You Want?
Most of us don’t know what we want. I also didn’t know exactly what I wanted for many years. At least, that’s what I told myself. Deep down, I knew damned well what I wanted to do. It’s what I’m doing right now: writing, teaching and speaking.

Until four years ago, I was simply too afraid to pursue this career because of one thing: creating a career is hard.

I believe that we all have something we love to pursue. Whether or not that’s something we actually end up doing for the rest of our lives doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we consciously decide to pursue a particular career. And that we don’t pick a job because we need the money. Or because our parents want to.

Just like Emerson said, you decide who you become.

~ Darius Foroux ( Don't Pick A Career - Create One)

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