Logic Of The Day: 28.02.2019.

Make Your Choice. And Commit To It.
The effective executive accepts that the boss is human (something that intelligent young subordinates often find hard). Because the superior is human, he has his strengths; but he also has limitations. To build on his strengths, that is, to enable him to do what he can do, will make him effective — and will make the subordinate effective.

To try to build on his weaknesses will be as frustrating and as stultifying as to try to build on the weaknesses of a subordinate. The effective executive, therefore, asks: ‘What can my boss do really well?’ ‘What has he done really well?’ ‘What does he need to know to use his strength?’ ‘What does he need to get from me to perform.
-Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive.

It would be wonderful if all of our managers were effective and successful in every area. But as long as we continue to promote human beings, we’ll gain the benefits of their strengths as well as the liabilities of their limitations.

The choice then, is whether you want to become a victim of a struggling manager or take agency and positively influence the situation. Accept it, change it, or leave it?

Many of these issues are manageable. We just need to make a decision and commit to it. As Seneca put it, “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

~ Jake Wilder (How To Better Manage Your Poor Manager)

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