Logic Of The Day: 27.02.2019.

Accept It, Change It, or Leave It.
“In any situation in life, you only have three options. You always have three options. You can change it, you can accept it, or you can leave it. What is not a good option is to sit around wishing you would change it but not changing it, wishing you would leave it but not leaving it, and not accepting it. It’s that struggle, that aversion, that is responsible for most of our misery.” — Neil Ravikant, (Tools of Titans)

As angel investor and founder Neil Ravikant laid out, every situation has three options. Change it, accept it, or leave it.

Having a struggling manager is no different. We can choose to change it, accept it, or leave it.

Most people’s actions align with the “accept it” option. They wait around and hope that the company will eventually step in to address the issue for them. All the while complaining to whoever’s willing to listen. And nothing ever changes.

But there’s many ways employees can take greater agency in their career and influence a poor managerial situation. Even small actions can have a drastic improvement

For those looking to take some agency over the situation, even small actions can have a drastic improvement. It just depends on which struggling manager you find yourself stuck with.

~ Jake Wilder (How To Better Manage Your Poor Manager)

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