Logic Of The Day: 25.02.2019.

How To Grow Your Career.
Growth in your career or job role isn’t always about waiting patiently, getting lucky, or being someone’s buddy. While any one of those might help out, they don’t represent what allows most people to move forward.

Through my consulting and coaching practice I come across a lot of people who tell me that they want job or career growth. They will often deliver a very compelling story to me about how they’ve waited in line, paid their dues, and still they find themselves stuck.

Sure, sometimes we might see someone who appears to have good luck give them a helping hand or someone in their family provided a connection, or their opportunities come from family money, but there are plenty of ways to improve your personal position without any of those.

Here are 5 of my favorites;
1. Extend your network.
2. Read.
3. Be more visible.
4. Listen Better.
5. Role Model.

~ Dennis Gilbert (5 Ways To Grow Your Career)

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