Logic Of The Day: 22.02.2019.

Constant Reading Is A Prerequisite For Career Growth.
Are you looking for a great way to improve your skills and get more opportunities? Are you seeking more respect and confidence in your abilities among your colleagues or boss? You should strongly consider what you read. Yes, I said read.

While it could be argued that reading anything, romance, drama, or even horror, is better than reading nothing. Those seeking business or personal improvement might want to consider content that directly relates. Consider genres for self-improvement, management and leadership, or something technical or scientific that has a link to your profession.

Reading will help to improve your focus, your grammar, and certainly your intellect. It will help you with direct knowledge about a skill area, make your conversations more powerful, and improve your presence while also making your interactions more compelling.

If it is technical and related to your field it might help you gain knowledge on the latest trends, best practices, or lessons learned. If it is motivational or self-improvement it might help you to become more focused, stay focused, or find the strength to continue moving forward.

Books or articles about business, management, or leadership might help you strengthen your professional relationships, build better teams, and become a better communicator. Doing this off the job helps create better positioning for you on the job, which just might mean, career growth.

~ Dennis Gilbert (Career Growth, It Sometimes Happens Off The Job)

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