Logic Of The Day: 21.02.2019.

Career Growth, It Sometimes Happens Off The Job.
Making a difference in your career will make a difference in your life. People often associate their career growth with what happens on the job, and while that is important it is often equally or more important to consider what you do off the job.

Balancing work and life has been a popular topic area for many years. People often talk about working too much, getting stressed out, and even about being burnt out. It’s true, it happens, and often it feels like it sneaks up on you and grabs you from behind.

When I’m coaching or training people I hear a lot about the desire for career growth, the desire for a bigger paycheck, or some combination of health and wealth personal improvement.

That’s not really a surprise. Most people might assume that is the kind of conversations that might be uncovered. What is often somewhat surprising is when they learn that the suggestions for improving their position or circumstances are often just as much about what happens off the job, as on.

~ Dennis Gilbert (Career Growth, It Sometimes Happens Off The Job)

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