Logic Of The Day: 19.02.2019.

Action Brings Motivation, Clarity, and “Luck”.
“Action is not just the effect of motivation; it is also the cause of it.” -Mark Manson.
The world’s most motivated, clear-headed, focused, and “lucky” people all have one thing in common: They take a lot of action.

I used to think that before I took any action — going to the gym, writing an article, waking up early — I needed to feel motivated first. Motivation is the cause of action, right? So I’d wait to feel motivated.

The problem was, this motivation was scarce, and didn’t last long the few times it lasted.

Then I learned the simple truth: action creates motivation. Action brings clarity and focus. Action even brings “luck,” which is just another word for being prepared for opportunities no one else is ready for.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, confused, or “unlucky,” it’s time to ask yourself:
How much action do you take?
Are you taking enough action?
What can you do today that could change the outcome of tomorrow?

The world’s most prolific, successful, and effective performers all have one shared trait: They take a monumental amount of action.

~Anthony Moore (Your Greatest Superpower is Your Work Ethic)

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