Logic Of The Day: 14.02.2019.

Success Is Not Directly Proportional To Effort.
I have a lot of respect for effort. The right kind. Is your effort moving the needle?

Success is absolutely about what you focus on, and how effective you use your time to achieve your goals. Millions of people have become too preoccupied with “the grind,” and it’s actually burning them out.

Just because you tried hard doesn’t mean it will work or you will succeed. By all means, try, but with a better approach. Effort is just one component of success. Others include skill, effectiveness, resources, luck, and the appropriate matching of all of the above to the task at hand.

People with low skills, no matter how much effort they put in will not be successful at accomplishing their goals beyond their competency. And there are, of course, many people, such as lottery winners, who are “successful” with no effort.

Some people work 40, 50, 60, and even 70 plus hours per week. But have little to show for it. Spending a lot of time doing something doesn’t mean that you’ve accomplished anything useful. You can spend hours on a single task only to realize that you are doing it all wrong.

Not all effort is equal.

I have more respect for results. In the real world, nobody cares how much effort you put in. They care about the results you get.

~ Thomas Oppong (Success is Not Directly Proportional to Effort.10x Results Don’t Always Require 10x Effort)

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