Logic Of The Day: 13.02.2019.

What Is Your Learning Style?
Do you learn best on your own or in a group? Do you prefer audio, video or a combination of both? Are you a hands-on learner Depending on your current circumstances, you can pick the opportunities that suit your learning style including hands-on workshops, or video-based course if your learning style is visual.

In the abundance-based economy of online learning, opportunities are endless. You can learn on your own, at work, from mentors or role models.

You can also learn online following blogs, downloading podcasts, taking a class, etc. Or through magazines, journals, seminars, videos, and broadcasts. And you can also learn by attending classes at an educational institution, in person or online. All kinds of learning opportunities are just a “click” or a conversation away.

Create an action plan and pursue learning like your career depends on it. State your goals, timelines and resources you need to achieve every goal.

And then set up a series of steps to start you on your way to a successful learning experience.

~ Thomas Oppong (The Single Most Important Skill of The 21st-Century That Will Take Your Career to The Next Level)

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