Logic Of The Day: 04.02.2019.

How to Get More Work Done in a Day Than in a Week.
Take a minute and think about your typical day. Start from the moment you start work to until you call it a day and stop working. If you were to pick apart exactly how you spent each day, how much of it is devoted to actual work? And how many hours go towards distractions?

New research has revealed that the average UK office worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes out of the working day.
That’s shocking and surprising! It’s impossible, right?

What is even more worrying is how people spend their time at work.

Greater percentage of the respondents said they a lot of time checking social media, reading news sites, chatting, making hot drinks, making personal calls, among other distractions.

To change how you work, and get more done in less time, you have to be open to the possibility that your methods aren’t as efficient as they could be.

It requires measuring your current patterns to find what works and what can be improved. Once you do that you can look for ways to get more accomplished without just increasing your to-do list.

~ Thomas Oppong (How to Get More Work Done in a Day Than Most People Do in a Week)

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