Logic Of The Day: 01.02.2019.

Find A Common Bond (past) And Determine How To Leverage That To Grow With That Person (future).
The pieces of who we are form and assemble from our past. Connections, impactful moments, ways that we self-identify, these are formed from the experiences of our past. Find a common bond that you share with someone else. It could be an alumni connection, sports league or hobby that has been a huge part of your life.

Think about what you might have in common, then listen. Focus on the other person and give that person your undivided attention and you will realize the importance of listening. Keep your ears open and you’ll discover themes in their story or their experience that might crossover with your own.

In order to build with someone into the present and future, we have to know where they’ve been. Maybe we’ve shared experiences and dreams that are very similar.

~ Christopher D. Connors ( 5 Ways To Build Powerful Relationships )

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