Logic Of The Day: 31.01.2019.

Show Someone That You Care.
Have a passionate curiosity around learning more about the people you already know, as well as the people you haven’t met yet. A great way to start here is to think about the things you admire in other people. What people in your life — or famous people — do you look up to? Paint a very clear picture and visualize in your mind what it is about them that makes you curious and enthusiastic about wanting to know them.

From there, you can develop questions. You can become a detective. Get to know them. Schedule time to get on their calendar and meet at a time and location that is convenient for them. Ask them questions.

What makes them tick? How do they define success? What do they love? What do they really want out of life?

When you’re curious and inquisitive, your enthusiasm and passion show. In other words — the best parts of you show. Isn’t that how you want to represent yourself?

~ Christopher D. Connors ( 5 Ways To Build Powerful Relationships )

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