Logic Of The Day: 29.01.2019.

Building Powerful Relationships.
Meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships are what lead to growth and tremendous opportunities. As much as we seek to advance our own cause or profit, we learn in life that we elevate ourselves most when we seek to advance the cause and goals of the people we meet. This principle of the law of reciprocity is so important that we must lead with giving value to others if we aim to receive value in return.

So many people jump right in to trying to make money or “living the dream” without building relationships. Or worse yet, once they work to “build” a relationship, they do so under the guise of mutually beneficial gain, while only concerning themselves in thought and action with themselves.

Speaking from experience, I’ll tell you that you’re worse off if you ever succeed in doing this. Because sooner or later, the joke will be on you, and you’ll find yourself worse off than where you began.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, or whether you’re the founder of a start-up looking to scale your business, you will discover that you need relationships to survive. We need people to lean on in times of adversity and lost hope. We need people to coach and mentor us when we don’t know the way. We need people to open doors for us that otherwise would remain closed.

We need people who care to motivate, inspire and enable us to see in ourselves the image — the person — that we’ve always wanted to become.

~ Christopher D. Connors ( 5 Ways To Build Powerful Relationships )

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