Logic Of The Day: 28.01.2019.

Create your Mental Architecture.
Visualize and practice mindfulness for doing exactly what you intend to do. With positive affirmation and self-encouragement, plot out your most efficient day, week and month in your mind first.

Jeffrey Heer, now a professor at the University of Washington, wrote about several important reasons for why we create visualizations. These will help you understand just how much this matters in becoming more efficient at what you do:

- Answer questions (or discover them)
- Make decisions
- See data in context
- Expand memory
- Support graphical calculation
- Find patterns
- Present arguments or tell a story
- Inspire

One reason why I’ve become an effective keynote speaker is that I spend large amounts of time visualizing exactly what, why and how I want to say to an audience. Then, I tailor my message to that group based on the mental architecture that I’ve created.

You can apply these same visualization principles into your own life.

~ Christopher D. Connors (The 5 Most Efficient Ways to Get Your Work Done)

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