Logic Of The Day: 24.01.2019.

Don’t Just Limit — Eliminate All Distractions.
Any game is played with both offense and defense. Well, here’s the defense. Just like on the football field, while you’re trying to score goals, you’re also aiming to limit your turnovers. You’re looking to improve your fundamentals to win the small battles within the game that add up to a victory in the end.

Eliminating your distractions is all about playing defense. If you don’t begin here, nothing else will really matter. All the “offense” in the world won’t matter, because you’ll compromise your efficiency by falling victim to distractions that take you away from the task at hand.

Here are several great ways to limit your distractions:

1. Work in solitude. This provides clarity and greater mindfulness. In the words of Susan Cain, author of the bestselling book, Quiet, “Solitude is a catalyst for innovation.”

2. Put your phone and any electronic equipment away while you’re working

3. Don’t worry about what’s next until the bell rings.

~ Christopher D. Connors (The 5 Most Efficient Ways to Get Your Work Done)

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