Logic Of The Day: 02.01.2019.

Do You See The Warning Signs In Your Career?
Are you pumped to go to work on Monday morning? Do you obsess over how quickly the weekend comes around? Are you fussing over the weather? Are you waking up late for work? Do you count down the minutes to lunchtime? Do you shy away from taking a promotion or applying for the next role? Do you constantly dream about starting a business?

These are all warning signs that something needs to change in your career. In other words, you need to make the right career decision instead of taking the easy road you’ve been driving down for years with cruise control enabled, your hand out the window and no cars in front of you.

You can ignore the warning signs for a while until you’re forced to make a major career decision.

Either you’re not performing well enough, there’s a company restructure, you lose your job, you get demoted, etc. Eventually, you have to make a career decision that is right. If you wait too long, you’ll be forced. Making a career decision because you want to instead of being forced to, is less stressful to manage.

Avoid the warnings and you’ll have one of those dreaded career meltdowns — eventually.

~ Tim Denning (How To Make The Right Career Decision.)

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