Logic Of The Day: 29.12.2018.

At The End Of The Day It’s your choice.
That’s the harsh reality. Only you know what the right career choice is and your former boss or the Internet can’t make the choice for you.

In the last few years, there’s been a lot of research done into gut reactions and the connection to your brain.
When faced with my own career decisions I tend to pick the one that makes me slightly anxious (which helps us grow) and the one I get a strong gut reaction to.

Avoid bad advice
Things such as:
– Wait for the right time — it’s never the right time.

– Keep thinking about the decision and you’ll figure it out — no you won’t.

– Find people who are more successful than you and ask them — they don’t know you like you do.

The three tips above don’t work. Only you can make the right career decision and no amount of time, thinking or numbers of successful people can change that.

If something feels wrong in your career, fix it. Quit waiting for things to get better and take action.

~ Tim Denning (How To Make The Right Career Decision.)

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