Logic Of The Day: 27.12.2018.

Building Strategic Relationships Will Help You.
When we get out of college, we usually take any job we can get. After all, it’s not what we’re going to be doing for the rest of our lives, right?

But after several years, something begins to shift. Some people’s careers skyrocket out of the blue. They suddenly get a huge promotion. Or get featured in the press. Or work with celebrities.

They start to get tons of opportunities thrown at them, while everyone else complains that there are “no jobs left” in this economy. They land jobs they love so much they can’t stop talking about them, while so many others drag themselves out of bed everyday to go “back to the grind.”

What are they doing differently? I can tell you this: It’s not because they “tried harder”, lived in the right place, went to the right school, or got some magical credential.

Here’s one huge thing they did behind the scenes: They built an authentic relationship with one powerful person, then got into their “inner circle”.

This is the secret behind almost every one of these stories.

~ Raghav Haran (How to Skyrocket Your Career In Record Time)

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