Logic Of The Day: 26.12.2018.

Identify And Grow Your Audience.
“I never underestimate the audience’s ability to feel me.” — Erykah Badu.
Most creators have no idea who their audience is. Your audience is not everybody. If you’re a comedian, it’s not “comedy fans” and if you’re a musician, it’s not “music fans.”

Your audience, the audience you will need to find and connect with in order to build a successful career, are your fans.

They’re a unique blend of people specifically interested in the unique things you create. You need to identify them, find them, and connect with them. Don’t assume somebody else will serve them up to you — it doesn’t work like that. It’s on you to make it happen.

Audience building — the ability to identify, find, and connect with the people most likely to enjoy your work — is the biggest key to a successful creative career.

It’s also the thing creators struggle most with.

~ Josh Spector (5 Keys To A Successful Creative Career)

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