Logic Of The Day: 15-12-2018.

You Don't Need Validation From Supposed ‘Experts’.
The need to be told what to do in our career is very real.

Everyone claims to be an expert. Influencers, mentors, colleagues all claim to know more about your career than you do. You fall for the delusion that you need their support or approval. You don’t.

There’s a very real chance that no one will ever see what you imagine your career to be like. To many, how you imagine your career seems impossible or stupid.

It’s none of that. The validation you need comes from yourself.

“If you imagine your career being a certain way then it’s within your control to make a reality”

This powerful realization stopped me from being ‘just another sales guy’ and led to a lot of the work I’ve published on blogs all over the internet. No expert could ever tell me that would happen.

I saw it first.

~ Tim Denning (13 Fucks That Are Holding You Back From The Career You Wish You Could Have)

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