Logic Of The Day: 14.12.2018.

The Need For experience.
You don’t need any. Zero. None. Nadda. I start working in digital marketing next week. The entire industry has moved on since 2011 when I knew enough to be dangerous about digital marketing. I’m starting from nothing even though every interview said I needed experience.

If you fall for the experience preachers, you’ll never do anything in your career. You’ll always be waiting for someone to tell you that you know enough or have earned it. That’s only other people projecting their BS onto you.

University experience is often demanded by employers because the people doing the hiring had to do it when they started out and so they feel it’s unfair if you don’t do the same.
It’s not 1989 anymore. We have the internet. You can get experience in your bedroom with the door closed. Choose resourcesfulness. Choose to demonstrate real-world accomplishments. Choose to see that everything is co-related.

If you worked in a cafe, then you probably understand enough about service to work for Amazon in the servicing team.

If you ran a startup and went bankrupt, then you probably know a thing or two about managing people, budgets and products. Everything is related to everything.

~ Tim Denning (13 Fucks That Are Holding You Back From The Career You Wish You Could Have)

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