Logic Of The Day: 13.12.2018.

Do What You Love” isn’t bad advice, It’s Just Not That Good.
I do what I love. I get that a lot of people don’t get to say that. I wake up every morning thrilled to death that I spend eight hours spitting words into a computer and, on occasion, those words get used in global marketing pieces that shape the way people perceive one of the world’s most well-known brands.

But “Do What You Love” has caught a lot of flack lately.

Some of that backlash is understandable: it is rare to find a profession that speaks to you on a visceral level. It is hard to love a profession you haven’t yet mastered. It is rare to be well compensated for something you adore.

And we’ll tie all those counterpoints together at later moment, but, know this: just doing what you “love” isn’t going far enough, and it’s also a little extra.

~ John Gorman (The Single Best Piece Of Advice No One Teaches You)

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