Logic Of The Day: 01.12.2018.

Do A Lot Of Research.
Consume everything. Read, watch films, search for inspiration on the internet, check out the work of those famous and obscure in your field, and absorb absolutely everything.

While people can understandably worry that this as a habit could make their work derivative, often-original ideas can be sparked by your unique reaction to the work of others.

By being interested and engaged in the world, the chances are that your work will reflect this passion and become more interesting and engaging for other people.

While it’s never a good idea to conduct blatant plagiarism, your great creative idea could be hiding in someone else’s project. Inspiration is often found in the works of others arguably all thought and creative ideas are influenced by others. Where would Plato and Aristotle be without Socrates!

~ Thomas Oppong (The Best Ways to Continually Recharge Your Brain Throughout Your Career)

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