Logic Of The Day: 26.11.2018.

Don't Have A Fixed Mindset About Your Career.
Believing in a binary when it comes to your career is just going to make you unhappy. I don’t think it ever works out. Real lives aren’t an option A or option B kind of thing. Real lives are messy, and they’re different for everyone.

So I don’t think you can take it as gospel when someone says “This one thing will make you happy” — in fact, I think you can take it as total bullshit that should not be given currency.

Don’t feel bad about yourself for loving your job and building side projects or freelancing. If you’re happy, be happy. When someone asks what you do, and you can’t tell them you’re building a startup full time, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Your career can look however the fuck you want it to look. That’s the only truth I know. Your success depends on what your own metrics for success are. Your happiness depends on doing what you really want — not what some book tells you to want.

~ J. Westenberg ( There Is No Wrong Way To Have A Career)

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