Logic Of The Day: 21.11.2018.

There Is No Wrong Way To Have A Career.
I generally reject binaries anywhere I find them. I don’t think binaries represent reality in any way shape or form. This is particularly true in your career. The narrative is going to tell you a whole bunch of rules about what makes a happy life. But the narrative isn’t always strictly true to reality.

There is nothing wrong with combining multiple paths, with being and doing more than one thing. There is nothing wrong with being an employee AND an entrepreneur AND a writer AND a musician AND an artist AND anything else.

That’s more what my career looks like. I’m a marketing executive, in a full time role, and I juggle that with my career as an entrepreneur building a street wear brand and a communications practice, and I juggle that with being a blogger, writer and influencer.

It keeps me fucking busy, I’ll tell you that much — and it also keeps me fulfilled. It doesn’t match the narrative at all, because I don’t do anything to make other people happy, I don’t do anything to make other people feel comfortable with their life choices. I do things to give myself the life I want.

I think there’s something really dangerous about believing that you’re not a "real" entrepreneur if you’ve got a day job. Just like there’s something dangerous about believing you don’t have a "real" career if you’re an entrepreneur.

Both of these ideas are based on a binary narrative that doesn’t represent what humans are all about.

~ J. Westenberg ( There Is No Wrong Way To Have A Career)

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