Logic Of The Day: 19.11.2018

Work Has One Goal: To Be Done.
Started work has no value. Work in progress has no value. Work done has all the value. Almost done means not done. The idea of “definition of done” should not exist. It exists because we run from the hardship of the finishing details.

We all know that from 98% to 100% is where the bulk of the effort is, and, because we’re lazy monkeys, we want to avoid the effort. From zero to 98% we get away with creativity, skill, steal and tricked procrastination.

Done is 100%. It includes finishing touches, filling in the gaps, connecting to the other moving parts and answering your own questions.

Work’s scope, definition, break down structure, estimation, planning and systematization are all just a different types of work, one which also has value only when it’s done. That is why 98% management work brings projects to full stop.

Indifferent of scope, your main tasks are to pull for guidance and push for updates. That is the bulk of any timeline of any project, and “the zone” is not a shelter from doing your part of repeating glue activity.

~ Andrei Draganescu (What Is Work Ethic)

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