Logic Of The Day: 17.11.2018.

Most Of The Work You Do Is For Other People.
Your work is for other people, not for the money you are paid. And I don’t mean your boss. I mean all the other people who work alongside you.

People pay you so you provide your work for them. So you provide your work for them. That means people depend on your work to be done. They rarely also need your wit or your learned tricks of the trade. But they depend on your work.

When you work the main output of your effort is help. Each of these helping outputs make the push for the overall progress: of everyone else.

Nobody should ask you where you are at. Nobody should make you pay attention to slipping commitments.

Don’t commit if you don’t understand. Don’t commit if you can’t.
When you’re stuck don’t wait it out. It is a lot better to sound stupid than to let everyone down.

~ Andrei Draganescu (What Is Work Ethic)

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"The Career Growth Team"


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