Logic Of The Day: 16.11.2018.

Keep Growing To Keep Giving.
Whenever people stop actively learning and growing, the clock has started ticking down to a time when they will no longer have anything left to give. If you want to keep giving, you have to keep growing.

Sometimes people stop learning because they become complacent. They believe they have grown enough, or they want only to make the most of what they already have in terms of skills and knowledge. That's when they start to plateau and then decline. They lose their innovative spirit. They begin to think about being efficient instead of breaking ground. They cut costs instead of investing in growth. Their vision becomes very limited and instead of playing to win, they start playing not to lose.

We all love doing what we're good at, but being good at something requires us to keep our skills sharp. Less skill leads to enthusiasm and eventually discontent. If we reach this stage, we start looking behind us, because that is where our best days are. We think about the good old days, the glory days.

At this point, we're only a few short steps from obsolescence. Nobody wants to learn from a has-been. If you want to give until you've given all you have, you must keep growing until you can grow no more.

~ John Maxwell (How Successful People Grow)

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