Logic Of The Day: 15.11.2018.

Get off The Passion Bandwagon. (2)
I’m not even sure if passion leads to success or success leads to passion. I know there are a few people in music, sports, and science who tasted success because of their passion. A lucky minority, who always knew what they wanted to do.
But, most of us, develop a passion by accident — there, I said it.

Even most of the successful professionals that I know about or even famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs started loving what they do once they heard their inner voice screaming that they could be good at it. You see, they weren’t born with a tattoo on their head claiming a particular job was meant for them.

And, it’s the story of all of our lives as well — we develop a passion for a job when it starts challenging us. To grow. To become better. And in that growth and zeal to become better, we find our successes, happiness, and passion, eventually. I hope you don’t misconstrue that I’m against being passionate. In fact, I believe passion is the fuel to light up your fire. But, don’t waste your time trying to find only that.

Instead, create a discipline in your schedule and have relentless focus in whatever you do. Our life would be purposeful if we follow the Kaizen approach and try to get better every day in our craft. Albert Einstein said that compounding is “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” So each day, just focus on getting better. Even if it’s merely 1% increment.

Passion alone is overrated. Don’t fall for it. If you do, I pray to God that you nurture it with a great deal of discipline. That’s the key to everlasting happiness. And, that’s the only key to greatness.

~ Tarun Kohli (Get Off The Passion Bandwagon)

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