Logic Of The Day: 14.11.2018.

Get Off The Passion Bandwagon. (1)
“Your time on earth is limited. Follow your passion and that’s the only way to put a dent in this universe”. Great career advice, isn’t it?
This is a common platitude which you would have heard from motivational speakers and fallen in awe of their purposeful outlook towards life. I am sure it has caused many people to join the “I QUIT because I have a dream” bandwagon.

If a purposeful life is a reward one only gets by following one’s passion then who wouldn’t want to follow it. Hey, sign me up too. Because let’s face it, we are engineered to believe that there is a job or something out there which is going to make us happy forever. A powerful and seductive thought.

I wish life worked like that. I wish careers worked like that. I so wish there was a job somewhere that completes us. And, once we stumble upon that magical job — our days become enviable. Full of hope and happiness.

Sadly, it doesn’t work like that.

No job on this planet dishes out happiness in equal proportions every day, no matter how much passion you have for it. There would be days when you will be highly motivated and energetic — like someone had given you wings to fly. And then there would be days where you will sulk yourself to death.

But, the passion mindset makes us a believer in the binary logic:
Passion = Success and Happiness
Lack of Passion = Worthless life

To be continued.........

~ Tarun Kohli (Get Off The Passion Bandwagon)

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