Logic Of The Day: 13.11.2018.

Have A Long-Term Outlook On Your Life And Work Towards It.
No matter how many articles you read, telling you how following your passion will make you happy. No matter how many blog posts and videos you devour telling you that things can be easy if you implement the right shortcuts, take the right supplements, or follow someone else’s path to success, the truth of it is that nothing good comes without putting in the time.

Nothing in this world comes to people who don’t work hard.
Not does hard and making sacrifices get you to where you want to be, but it will also bring all the satisfaction you need because nothing beats a sense of accomplishment.

So stop looking for that next magical time-saving post, or piece of productivity software. Stop sucking on the teet of advice from people who aren’t you, don’t have your challenges or your goals. Spend less time on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, et al., and start doing the things that move you forward.

It takes one step in the right direction to begin.

So what will your step be?

~ Kerry Morrison (Anyone Saying You Can Have What You Want is a Liar)

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"The Career Growth Team"


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